Thursday, 17 July 2014

“More corrupt Governors should be impeached through due process” – Ezeemo

A former governorship candidate in Anambra State on the platform of Progressive Peoples Alliance, PPA, Mr Godwin Ezeemo has called on State Houses of Assembly across the country not to spare any corrupt Governor.
Instead, he said the lawmakers should initiate processes for their impeachment through due processes.
Ezeemo said that only greed could drive a public servant to engage in so much corruption in a country where a good number of the population was living in squalor, as was the case with Nyako, who was found guilty of siphoning the sums of N4 and N8billion respectively through the office of the SSG.
He, however, faulted the timing and the initiating of the procedures, saying it was overwhelming clear that the process was not done in the best practices and with genuine and honest service to the people of the state.
He hinged his argument on the fact that the charges leveled against Nyako had been lingering since the past two years, and suddenly the members of the State House of Assembly found their voices and decided to impeach him.
“Nyako was accused of outstanding salaries of civil servants to tune of N2.08 billion, for September to October 2012, siphoning of N8 billion and 4 billion through the office of the SSG between 2012 and 2013 among others.
“Now, we are in the second quarter of 2014, if they were sincere to the electorates that placed them in the office, why do they have to wait this long to act? Why the exclusion of the Deputy who was charged with 6 count charge? He queried.
Ezeemo said that politicians should be mindful of their activities while in office and avoid unnecessary heating up of the country’s polity.
“We have got so much worries in the country that need urgent and consecrated attention that should promote peaceful coexistence rather than heating up polity”, he said.
He, however, said that any corrupt leader, no matter the level of leadership he occupied, should be made to face the law if found guilty of any offence.
Ezeemo said the action must, however, be initiated with the best intent of giving the people best of democratic setting.

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