Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nigeria: Again more supporters dumped APC in Rivers, surround ER Reg. Number

Iyalla Adaye, Nigeria – A total of over 400,000 [four hundred thousand] supporters of the All Progressives Congress [APC] have decamped and submitted their registration card number and names to the People’s Democratic Party [PDP] in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State Capital.
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The huge crack occurred at the APC after weeks of neglect broke out in the open as the Legacy Parties, comprising of the Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN], All Nigerian Peoples Party [ANPP] and the Congress for Progressives Change [CPC] in the state have distanced themselves from the just concluded APC congresses and newly installed executives, but have also taken a bold step to dump the APC and seek refuge in the PDP.
In a communiqué signed by the leaders of the APC legacy Parties unanimously accepted to work with the PDP, through the guidance of Prince Tonye Princewill.
The members while complaining of the undemocratic activities in the State APC reached the following resolutions which include better political platform that its member’s interest would be protected and guaranteed
It also stated that henceforth the group will identify with Prince T.J.T Princewill as its leader to guide its way to PDP saying the body would support the emergence of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for 2015 and urged him to contest the general election as to complete the good works he is currently doing in the country.
Following the new development Prince Tonye Princewill has already began talks with the leadership of the PDP on ways and modalities to absorb the new converts.
According to the statement Legacy Parties with a population of over 400,000 members formed the APC, but today were neglected on the entrance of the defected PDP members which showcase itself during the APC congress where members of the Legacy Parties were denied entrance and participation in the exercise.
In its statement signed by the APC Publicity Secretary, Mr. Senibo Chris Finebone said that the political jobbery sweeping across the state has taken a new and troubling dimension.
The reaction stated that on close scrutiny of the names none belong to the APC stressing it was a clear fabrication made by the authors for the purpose of seeking rewards pointing out that at no time its party members or the legacy Parties that metamorphosed into APC defect to the PDP or any other political party.
In a related development it reiterated that the days of analog propaganda are fasting coming to an end as the technology of truth and facts according to the statement at the door step while verifying information just click the button.
‎The statement further read thus: The APC Rivers State have publicly denied ‎its members / members of the APC Legacy Parties that recently indicated real interest in joining the PDP. This to any normal fair minded person may be surprising, considering the role the Legacy Parties in Rivers State played in the creation of the APC. In response to a statement released by the newly appointed Rivers State APC Publicity Secretary; titled “PUBLISH DETAILS OF DEFECTORS WORKING FOR YOU GOVERNORSHIP AMBITION”
According to the Personal Assistant/Media and Publicity, Mr. Wabiye Idoniboye-Obu said there is no “Tonye Princewill faction” in the PDP but remains one indivisible body saying the Prince is yet to declare his ambition but has stated repeatedly that wide consultations are sought and all shades of opinion valuable as this enhances rather than dilutes the position.
The communiqué in question was released independently by verifiable leaders of the APC Legacy Parties‎ in Rivers State, they were on air and in the papers so any publicity secretary worth his salt should be able to locate his own members without our help stressing this will not be another issue of bring back our Members?
Ordinarily questions and concerns on the communiqué should not be directed to Prince Tonye Princewill, as he is not a signatory to the document neither is / was he a member of the ‎APC Legacy Parties, to clear all doubts however, and to help you do your job, supporting documents have been made available to the public.
Prince Tonye Princewill ‎having received the ORIGINAL communiqué and rather than be distracted by trivialities, is busy working with the PDP leadership on modalities to absorb the APC leadership and members of the APC Legacy Parties into the fresh and more digital PDP. The defection is in phases and inclusive from top to bottom. This communiqué is a sign of things to come. APC would do well to read the writing on the wall. A ship without a captain spells doom. The smart workers have already left their posts.
Those who have taken their destiny in their hand are, ‎Hon. Ogbirubu Erekosima, an Ex officio member of the former ACN with APC registration number RIV/AST/05007801; Hon Honest Oduomologhi a former ANPP stalwart from Abua Odual LGA, with APC registration number RIV/ABO/01001555; Norisia Pepple, former chairman ACN Opobo Nkoro LGA, former APC interim publicity secretary, with APC registration number RIV/OPN/07009584; Hon Tamunokuroma Jack, ANPP Akulga LGA chairman with APC registration number RIV/AKT/12120444; Pastor Emmanuel Ahamuefula with APC registration number RIV/AHE/13114702; and Madam Ibiduo Grace John-bull, former ANPP State Woman leader, with APC registration number RIV/DEG/01000285, just to mention a few; who were staunch members of the APC Legacy Parties and key players in the setup of the APC in Rivers State can be publicly denied; then their sudden urge to join the PDP along with their multitude of followers and co-leaders comes as no surprise.

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